Rehab for Neck Pain Relief - Texas Injury and Rehab Solutions

Why Rehab Neck Pain?

Many Americans try to manage their neck pain caused by an automobile accident, sports injury, or a work-place accident. If you are one of those who are currently managing neck pain then find relief at Texas Injury and Rehab Solutions clinic. Our goals for neck pain typically include:

  1. Reduce Pain
  2. Remove Stiffness
  3. Improve Range of Motion
  4. Strengthen the Neck and Supporting Muscles

When Rehab May Be Beneficial

Recovering from Injury

Injuries such as whiplash can result in pain and stiffness because of damage the neck’s soft tissue and joints.

Chronic Neck Pain

Neck pain that lingers

Recovering from Surgery

Often times, surgery on the neck

When Rehab Should Be Avoided!

Spinal Instability

The AP is one a collec

Underlying Medical Issues

In some cases, neck pain can be cause by an underlying medical issue such as an infection or tumor.

Our Conclusion!

In most cases, rehabilitation from a neck injury can help you get back to performing your daily routines pain free. Schedule a consultation with one of our rehab specialists in one of our pain clinics conveniently located in Plano, Waxahachie, and Grand Saline.

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