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MRI for Injury Rehab

Texas Injury and Rehab Solutions offers state-of-the-art digital MRI technology with highly skilled medical staff to provide you with accurate and quick imaging reports at affordable prices. Our precision reports help physicians to deeply diagnose the problem to prepare a correct treatment plan for you. Our uncompromising commitment to quality allows us to provide the most exceptional imaging services ensuring the right procedure, at the right time, to each patient.

MRI Services in Plano

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the most technologically advanced diagnostic tools available today. MRI uses a powerful magnet, low-intensity radio frequency pulses, and computer technology to create detailed images of the soft tissues, muscles, nerves, and bones in your body. MRI scans are used to evaluate the spine, joints, and head. These images are vital towards developing a plan to treat your injury. There are two types of MRI scans – MRI with contrast and MRI without contrast.

MRI with Contrast

A contrast is a dye like substance put into the body intravenously prior to the MRI scan. An MRI with contrast allows your physician to get a clearer image of the injured area.

MRI without Contrast

MRI without contrast is the usual MRI procedure which is done without the use of the contrast agent. The results of the MRI procedure are as valuable and relevant as those done with the use of a contrast agent.

What to Expect

Preparation for an MRI will depend on the type of exam your doctor has requested. Before your MRI scan, please contact us, so we can provide specific instructions and review your health and insurance information. Because the MRI produces a magnetic field, you will be asked to wear metal-free clothing and to remove any metallic objects, such as jewelry, watches, and hair clips.

Our Conclusion!

AN MRI scan is a valuable tool a specialist uses to treat an injured patient. Schedule a consultation with one of our rehab specialists in one of our pain clinics conveniently located in Plano, Waxahachie, and Grand Saline.

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