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Attorney Referrals

What Is A Letter of Protection?

A Letter of Protection helps ensure you get the medical care you need while your injury case is awaiting settlement. The Letter of Protection, also referred to as an LOP, is a legal contract binding you, your attorney, and your doctor or health care provider.

The Letter of Protection document promises payment of all professional services provided to you once your personal injury case has been completed. Our injury clinics accept Letter of Protection cases and we work closely with your attorney to ensure you receive all the needed care to help restore your health.

What If I Don’t Have an Attorney?

We work with many qualified attorneys in the area who are well versed in Letter of Protection (LOP) cases. If you are in need of finding a qualified attorney, we would be happy to recommend one to you. Use the form on this page to get an attorney referral.

Trusted Network of Attorneys

Throughout the years, we have established many relationships with trusted attorneys in the area. Our network of attorneys understand the importance of ensuring the victim gets immediate medical care to help restore back to a pain free lifestyle. They also are very astute in Letter of Protection documents, ensuring the victim gets the medical care needed.

I Have an Attorney

As a courtesy to our patients and to the local community, our medical team will work with your attorney and accept their issued Letter of Protection in lieu of payment from the insurance company. This allows us to provide you with the best medical care for your auto injuries, workplace injury, slip and fall injury, and other personal injuries, with NO out-of-pocket costs. 

Attorney Referrals

To get a referral to a local attorney, please use the form at the top right, or call our injury clinic at (469) 210-7881.